Top 10 Tips To Make Your Indoor Pets Happy

Pets are inseparable part of one’s life. Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us and most of our pets spend their life indoor. We must have to make sure to keep our pets happy and healthy throughout their life.All pets

No wonder many of us love to have a pet. We all love to provide so much of affection and care to our pets. Many treat their pets even as their own family member.

But, have we ever wondered whether our pet is happy staying indoor all the time? Did we make sure our pet stays happy and healthy all the time? No need to worry anymore.

Following are the top 10 astonishing ways to provide a happy and healthy environment for your pets.


1.  Make Them Comfortable

Many of us adopt a pet with an enthusiasm but what matters the most is whether our pet gets adapted to our environment. Mostly a newly adopted pet feels uncomfortable and fears having entering into a new environment.

Try to give your pet their space and time. Let them explore to the new environment and make sure that everything is safe and comfortable. Gain your pets trust by providing lots of care and love.
2. Provide Proper Nutrition

Feeding your pet with right amount of nutrition added content is very important. Providing good healthy nutrition foods is the best way to prevent your pets from obesity related illness.

Before providing food of your choice to your pet, have a check with your veterinarian and make sure whether your pet needs any supplements.

Also, make sure to keep your pet stay hydrated always. Provide enough amount of fresh water and have an eye on their water bowl. Believe me most of our pet loves to trip their water bowl, so watch out!
3. Vaccinate

Prevent your pet from rabies and viral diseases by vaccinating them regularly. Start consulting your veterinarian from the day you adopt your pet.

No matter whether your pet is young or aged providing right vaccination regularly under your veterinarian consultation and regular checkups keeps them healthy and extends their life span.
Vaccinating pets
4. Take Your pet for a walk

If you are having a dog or cat then it is mandatory to take them out for a walk. Mostly it is a fact that dogs feel so happy when they go out for walk.

Take your dogs and cats for parks regularly and make them to walk and play around, it provides a good exercise for your pet and makes your pet to stay fit and healthy.
Pet walking
5. Play Time

Providing nutritious food and making them to explore into outer world is not enough, the important part of all is how much amount of quality time we spend with our pets.

With immense advancement in technology many of us get attracted to gadgets and many get committed to their day-to-day work and forgot to spend time with their pets.

Pets start to feel lonely and depressed when they are left alone, which eventually leads to their health related issues. Try to allocate some time for your pets. Play with your pets regularly and keep them energetic.
Play time with pets
6. Grooming

Grooming is a best way to keep an eye on changes in your pet’s fur or skin. Providing regular baths, keeping your pet’s nail trimmed, brushing your pet are some of the grooming techniques to provide a healthy lifestyle for your pet.

It is also important to note that using good quality products is important. Some products may affect your pet’s fur or skin. If you don’t have any idea to use which product for your pet then better consult your veterinarian.
Grooming pets
7. Keep Your Pet Safe

Keeping your pet safe from threat is really a challenging thing. Make sure to put toxic substances out of reach from your pet.

Sometimes pets get lost. Pet safety can be ensured by putting Collar to your pet with ID tags. Even nowadays collar with microchips are available.

Keep them safe when you’re out. Pets loves to spend time outdoors but it is our responsibility to protect and care them. Always leash your pet when outside. Keep them away from traffic.

8. Spay/Neuter Your Pet

Studies shows that spayed pets are less likely to roam. It is also a proven fact that it will extend your pet life expectancy. Veterinary clinic will provide proper pre-surgical advice that you should follow.

Spaying or neutering can prevent your pet from cancer, diseases and even from certain type of infections. It will not cause your pet to overweight. It also important to provide a better and peaceful environment for your pet to recover after spaying.

9. Have Eye on Your Pet Behaviour

Have you ever noticed all of a sudden your pet start to behave strangely? Is your pet eats more or less than usual? Is your pet’s energy dropped suddenly?

Many of us think that this is all due to the aging factor and it is normal but the reality is your pet may be undergoing physical or mental illness and are in desperate need of attention from your side.

If you notice this kind of strange abnormal behaviour from your pet then it is better to consult your vet prior before it changes into some serious issues.
pet behaviour
10. Take a road trip

Last but not the least, taking your pet road trip makes your pet so happy. Having road trip with your pet is a perfect way to spend some quality time with your pet.

Roll down your window so you’re pet may get a bit of breeze on the way but make sure your pet is safe in his seat. It is also important to check whether you have taken enough amount of food for your pet for days.

Travelling with your pet not only makes your pet happy and energetic, it also makes you to be happy and to have a lot of fun.




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